Austin Texas born singer-songwriter DelaDie has been rocking the music scene and isn’t planning on stopping anytime soon! Ever since moving to NYC in 2002 this stand out talent has been pursuing her passion of creating hits and entertaining crowds of all over the world.

With original intentions to pursue a career in dance music, Dee's genre soon changed when she joined the rock/metal band, Close2Death in 2005.  After a strong start, the band stepped into the studio and recorded their first EP "Y" (2007) - It produced and recorded by established musician, Billy Graziadie of Biohazard at Underground Sound Studios, South Amboy, NJ.

After the band came to an end in 2016, Dee decided it was time to work on a solo career. Her upcoming EP "CUPID" is set to release in mid-late 2020. Her new style of dance/rock music comes at you with a twist that will keep your heart beat pounding.